Crystal Grenier

Pausing in awareness creates actionable choices to cultivate emotional healing transformation.

Pausing in awareness creates actionable choices to cultivate emotional healing transformation.

My name is Crystal Grenier

We all work better when we work together

Chronic illness challenges create emotional disconnect and lonely despair. A diagnosis takes the mind to a place of fear, frustration, and hopelessness, and physically, there is a feeling of defeat and ongoing fatigue. When we share similar illness experiences, bonding relationships are curated to support emotional health and healing.

Why I do what I do

After going through my cancer experience, I am passionate about holistically supporting other women to thrive despite a chronic illness. I discovered balanced healing around nourishment, movement, and emotional alchemy, and believe implementing these healthy pillars will help take away the emotional burden and guilt of illness to inspire and promote stability, resilience, and daily optimism.

How I can help you

I want to use my personal experience as a segue into the reality of obtaining a chronic illness, how to live with it, and stay in a place of healthy survival. I want to take YOU wherever you are in a chronic illness experience on an emotional journey around (nourishing, moving, and alchemizing). I want to help you embrace an awareness with defined healthy choices so you can live a life of balance and vitality.

What is Wellness Therapy?

We all work better when we work together

  • Body

    nourishing nutrition and healthy physical movement delivers healing awareness and places specific actions where and when they need to be.

  • Environment

    occupying pleasant, stimulating environments that support well-being promotes interaction with nature and also creates an enjoyable personal environment.

  • Mind

    nurturing our presence through mindful activities brings clarity, and breaths in optimism.

  • Emotion

    cultivating a healthy emotional balance helps stay cognizant of stressors with a deeper understanding of choices/steps needed to move through them.

  • Spiritual

    birthing self-understanding, unconditional love, and joy, positively touches all that surrounds you, and opens your heart to give more love to others.

  • Social

    finding the stability between being alone and in relevant meaningful relationships brings a proportional place of happy and healthy.

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My Book

As I continued this emotional overeating acceleration into my young adult life, I was grasping for something, someone, anything, to bring me happiness, stability, and joy.


“Our grieving is as individual as our lives”

Crystal Grenier