Crystal Grenier

What to expect when you are expecting

Just like giving birth, one must mentally and physically prepare for the setbacks of surgery. As a fitness fanatic for the past 35 years to practice, instruct, and train myself and others to inhabit a healthy lifestyle, you would think my “temple” would fully support and be the epitome of grand health and strength. As we age, we are educated to take our preventative screenings as a “get out of jail” free card to continue making our way around the board of life, which I wholeheartedly do.

Genetics and overuse led me to seek hip replacements within the past three years. And sandwiched in between, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, lucky me. Life certainly throws curve balls, and the way we choose to swing at them can cripple us with pain and fear, or pave the path to happy, healthy moments.

As a yoga practitioner and instructor, my goal has been to help others with stress of serious health conditions through relaxation breathing, mediation and particular yoga poses. Now, as I prepared myself for yet another surgery, I reflected on my own practice to help provide what I needed physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to accept this challenge. Self-care techniques before surgery such as guided imagery (meditation) and relaxation breathing have been known to reduce the surgical stress responses, creating a positive internal atmosphere to promote optimal healing. A month leading up to my hip surgery, I did what I could do as far as my yoga practice and pain allowed, as I was instructing classes. Daily affirmations and meditations calmed my nerves and helped me find strength to internally stay connected with my true Self … the power of the SHE!

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