Crystal Grenier

Yippee Skippy, I got a new Hippy!

One week ago today, I had my surgery at an in/out patient facility in Bismarck, ND. Family and friends were like, what? How can you have surgery, especially a total hip replacement, and leave the same day? This type of procedure is being done often, especially with knee replacements, so why not hips?

Lots of good research behind this theory, and it is noted that recovery time is faster at home! My surgery lasted about two hours, and all went well. After waking up from anesthesia, and before check out, I was up walking with my walker, and had completed my first round of exercises.  

  • When I had my first one done 2 years ago, I opted to stay in the hospital overnight because I wasn’t sure what to expect. This time, I felt confident in knowing the procedure and surgery was the same, and why not get out while you can. No hospital bill, and get home quicker to start healing!

The first week has been up and down. Of course, the pain meds make me sleepy and I want to nap a lot, but during my awake time, I make sure to perform the given exercises at least 2-4 times a day. Plus, LOTS of walking. From one end of the house to the other, which isn’t a far distance, but it’s all I got. Having surgery done in October was a good idea, initially, because I could still venture outside to walk. However, the massive blizzard snowstorm that hit the next day left record breaking mounds of snow!

I have been trying to eat more protein found in more natural forms. Protein is needed to help the healing process as well as all these other pills I take daily. My appetite hasn’t been the best, and I know that will improve in time once off the pain meds.

I have been practicing daily 5-to-10-minute meditations through an app download … insight timer. These happen in the morning after my first set of exercises. I set my intention for the day and find one that fits my mood at that moment.

Yesterday was kind of hard, I am getting cabin fever, husband is getting on my nerves (he has been home with me for the past week), and the weather is not helping. Farming is halted with bean harvest due to snow. And it is past my 72-hour coach watch, so he needs to find something to do. He finally went to the farm, which was a relief, because I can be a real bitch at my own pity party.  

My youngest daughter was home visiting during her Fall Break, and her bestie brought me a gift from her summer travels to Greece, which she finally found upon cleaning her bedroom … lol. Upon reading the card to which it was attached I became very emotional with tears … it gave me permission to be ok with myself on this day of healing.

Balance, patience, and peace … just what the doctor ordered.

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