Crystal Grenier

Week 3 and I am FREE!

I let the walker go, and never handled a cane. I am slowly walking with confidence, no limp and no pain. My goodness, what a wonderful feeling this is after hurting for so long.

My week has included taking small steps out the door as I attended a women’s wellness event as a vendor and a participant. Great networking opportunity with close to 200 women to market my yoga/fitness classes and personal training sessions. Many people were surprised to see me post 2 weeks and commented on how great I was doing! 

I started back at my part-time gig on Thursday (desk job) and made sure to get up and walk around every half hour or so. Still doing my daily leg exercises prescribed by orthopedic doctor, and have been walking longer distances at the gym and outside as weather permits. I also started light weight training for my upper body to get back into the groove of building up my muscles.

In four to six weeks, I should have clearance to bring myself back to my mat, and incorporate lower body lifting to strengthen my legs, glutes and hips. My post op appointment in November should provide more insight on this endeavor.

I am starting my previous fitness classes back up next week from the sidelines. Instruct without doing. I am seeking more one-on-one sessions with clients to introduce yoga and meditation and its many benefits to help recover from disease surgery and treatments and bring new bodies to the mat to discover the subtle movement of yoga and its vast capabilities to bring strength and flexibility to the body and the mind.

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