Crystal Grenier

Walking the Straight Line ____

In the thick of week four after hip replacement, I am so thankful to be able to walk pain and limp free. I am back at my part-time desk job, instructing classes (from the sidelines), and personal training clients. I look forward to getting the go ahead in a couple more weeks to start weight lifting my lower body and get back on the mat for a full yoga practice.

Daily walking while adding more distance truly helps the healing process. My legs and lower body are getting stronger every day. Five-to-ten-minute guided meditations to instill positivity and healing set my intentions for the day to focus on continued healing not only from surgery but from other illnesses as well.

The past three years, I have endured a first hip replacement, breast cancer with chemotherapy and radiation treatments, and now my second hip replacement. Having exercise and fitness in my life prior to any surgery, I believe, has been a major boost in my recovery process. I highly recommend for anyone facing a major surgery, to start some sort of exercise program at least six to eight weeks prior to going under the “knife”. Post-surgery, of course you have to take time off of training or exercise which will result in muscle loss, however, muscle memory helps you regain muscle more quickly once you are able to start training again.

I am so fortunate and glad that I have been exercising for the past 35 plus years of my life, because this activity has truly helped me recuperate and recover faster!

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