Crystal Grenier

The wheels in our body go round and round …

We all hold seven energy centers in our bodies called “chakras” which run the length of the spine starting from the base of our tailbone to the crown of our head. You can’t see these energy centers, but you can feel them. Scientifically, our bodies hold many vibrations, our cells are moving, everything inside of us moves, and these vibrations and movements have results. Our chakra system helps us consciously connect to these inner motions and vibrations within our body, mind and spirit, to promote growth and healing.

Chakra energies are constantly coming in and going out.

Similar to a revolving door, energy comes in to be processed and then is sent back out. We thrive on keeping our “doors” open and healthy thus maintaining a constant energy flow. If our energy is moving freely and flowing through our doors, we are generally healthy and feeling good. If our doors start slowing down, we experience an underactive state of energy flow, while the opposite is true for the overactive chakra system. Manifestations of diseases, illnesses and “accidents” have been linked to a particular chakra. The energies within us can slap us in the face with breast cancer, diabetes or a broken arm.

To promote healing our chakras, there are many modalities available to balance through our five senses: aromatherapy with certain scents or essential oils; sound therapy; healing notes and mantras; hatha yoga; crystals and gemstones; foods and colors; meditation; emotional freedom technique (tapping); and transformational power questions (TPQs or affirmation similarity).

Of course, each chakra is unlike the other, so the best method differs depending on which chakra you want to heal, and which choice of technique would be the best for that particular energy center. 

You are a rainbow …

Each chakra is a color of the rainbow, with correlating associations and qualities.

Starting at our tailbone, the ROOT CHAKRA is spinning the color red. We are grounded, patient and loyal with a balanced safety and confidence. If we teeter off, physical anxiety, allergies, and autoimmune problems can appear. Our SACRAL CHAKRA is orange finding location in the center of the pelvis. Our creativity, sexuality, and joy find balance through self-understanding, inviting change, flow and spontaneity. Physical off-balance shows up through over sensitivity, being emotional, pelvic pain, and holding intimacy issues. The SOLAR PLEXUS, yellow in color, is found around the navel and the solar plexus. As a powerful, energetic, confident and motivated person, we are allowed to have thought and emotional control, set healthy boundaries, and hold peace within. Digestive problems, diabetes, stomach ulcers, and other eating disorders and illnesses show signs of solar plexus unbalance.

The chakra center is where the heart grows fonder. The HEART CHAKRA, green in color, exercises the giving and receiving of love, holding compassion, forgiveness and acceptance. If well-balanced, we practice disciplined living, stronger relationships, and find our independence for peace and happiness. Some physical signs of unbalance can show up in heart or breathing issues (asthma, sleep apnea), immune disorders, colds or pneumonia.

As a fantastic communicator, authentic in expression, honest, and purposeful, your THROAT CHAKRA is thriving! Blue in color and of course, located in the throat near the spine, speaking your mind and feelings will keep this chakra in check. If you internalize your feelings or emotions and/or have lack of expression, underactive signs might show up as hypothyroidism, TMJ or a sore throat. Our BROW CHAKRA OR THIRD EYE, brings our clarity, intuition and insightfulness. Right between the eyes shining bright in indigo color, we have an expanded vision and a wise, balanced perception inside and out. If your 3rd eye is off kilter, hormone imbalances, headaches, nightmares and indecisiveness can be signs of an underactive chakra. And lastly, the chakra that all other chakras flow, is the CROWN CHAKRA, radiating in violet, located behind the center of the forehead. A relation to pure consciousness, we are aware of our connection to our universe, have grace, and experience bliss. Unbalances can be depression, social isolation and disconnection, and insomnia.

As a need to become more balanced and promote healing, the chakra system continues to gain attention and understanding and ties neatly into the four quadrants of well-being and should be treated as importantly as our other bodily systems.

I am divine, connected, expressive, loved, strong, creative, and safe

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