Crystal Grenier

What has challenged me and how do I use it?

Super Yoga Girl

I have always had a passion to try a new sport or activity; cook a different recipe for dinner; and seek continued knowledge through educational outlets. The fruition of my actions includes physical and mental endorphins that kick in to learn a new exercise format to share with myself and others; earning my Master’s degree in Sports Management to further my professional endeavors; AND this past winter, a major painting project … our shabbily white interior doors needed a new shade of gray!

­­­­­The challenge at hand sounds really good as I get myself all fired up with my wheels of ambition churning in my head, then I decide to go for it, and halfway through, I am like “what was I thinking?!” Does this sound familiar?

Self-talk than prevails and I push forward to complete my training or task at hand. And once I am done, I am elated with pride that I accomplished what I set out to do.

Sometimes my challenge efforts don’t pan out like I thought they would, but instead of getting discouraged, I focus on the positive side of my intended efforts. For example, when I learn a new class format, and end up not holding that particular class, I pull bits and pieces out to ingrain into something I am already teaching. Or getting my Master’s degree didn’t help me get that collegiate coaching job that I was wholeheartedly pursuing.

So, hey, instead of getting pissed off or depressed about the outcome, I focus on the positive of obtaining this costly educational two-year commitment. It is mine, all mine, and no one can take it away from me, and more importantly, it looks good on a resume!

Yoga is one go to challenge that constantly keeps on giving! Yes, it is difficult to commit to stepping on the mat for the very first time, and learn all these new poses with different names. And it mentally serves up some tough commitment, but yoga is a continuous practice with a definite start and never an end. Your efforts are required and you have to let go of the results of your efforts.

Back paddle over the last 3 years when I went through my first hip replacement, breast cancer, and my 2nd hip replacement, my movement and yoga practice was like an accelerated car with continuous breaking in between. I would get moving, breathing, posing, and then have to stop for surgery, treatments and healing before I could gently push on the gas to get going again.

Yoga and meditation have been a constant for me in this healing process. The flexibility and strength may waver but my body knows and responds quickly to familiar stretching and poses. This of course is a constant challenge for me mentally and physically, and I continue to push through reaping all the rewards of a daily practice.

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