Crystal Grenier

You are the home you seek

As the year comes to a close, (thank the good Lord), I wanted to end on a feel-good note and really hone in on the Christmas spirit of finding what brings us joy. We have certainly endured so much sadness and negativity, along with having to alter our holiday gatherings that the search for contentedness should put a smile on our face, and a warm and fuzzy feeling in our heart.

What is joy?  An emotion brought about by mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. A deep-rooted, inspired happiness. The older we become, more than likely our paths have crossed those things that make us feel joyful. A career, new adventures, new relationships and families, and taking part in life enhancing events.

Let’s get real tho. We are not all Happy Harriet all the time. We lose sight of what brings us joy to inspire happiness. We get in a rut, have to endure a pandemic, experience the loss of a loved one, ultimately tipping our balance scale to one side. We begin searching and seeking something or someone to reclaim our stability.   

So in light of this Christmas season and the gift that keeps on giving, we need to stop hiding and waiting for bliss to return to our lives. Let’s look at some ways to encourage a joyful reunion with ourselves and others. 

Let’s go back and reflect on those times when you felt less heavy with that dreary sinking feeling. Close your eyes and think of people, places, events, and things that made you feel lighter. As we return to these lingering happy minutes, not fleeting seconds, we begin to stay true to that feeling in our heart. That my friends, is your real place of joy, only a breath away. Be “present” every day to experience this joy. 

Who do you surround yourself with? Find those people who make you smile and jump for joy! That special someone who brightens up a room, lifts your spirits, and makes you feel light and fluffy with merriment. Positive energy is reciprocated when you share the same space and company. 

Keep your glass half full. Our optimism has really been challenged this past year, but we must find the “gift” of perfection in every moment. For a peaceful ending to 2020, we should embrace the positives of the pandemic. Find that tranquil thought and bring it forward. A little joy will follow.  

As most of us have done, and continue to do, get out and walk! Our unusually warmer weather has given us outside opportunities to embrace the fresh air while letting nature surround and heal us perfectly and imperfectly. Mother Nature is joyful and teaches us to find happiness living in that moment putting one foot in front of the other.   

Lastly, take care of you. If you need a timeout and more rest, be stingy and take it. Push pause and regroup. A healthy, rested you will find it much easier to fight the stresses, negativity and doubts to make extra room for more joy in your life. 

Continue to practice healthy choices – choose joy.

Happy Christmas. Cheers to a New Year.

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