Crystal Grenier

BE Honest with Yourself

I resolve to uncover and discover my self-acceptance in 2022. BE honest with yourself and your intentions.

Are you still making those resolutions on December 31st to only throw them out the window three months into the New Year? For years, as a fitness instructor and personal trainer, I have seen SO many people purchase a gym membership or a personal training package with the best of intentions to only quit the commitment because the task of suddenly changing and morphing into someone or something else is too daunting. 

Instead of the Freshman 15, we now blame the Covid 19 for our extra weight gain, lack of energy and motivation. The time has come to stop beating yourself up, running FROM the treadmill, trying to justify why all your false stories to get healthy and “back in shape” are true.

Let’s get real.

It took you months or years to find comfort on your coach with a bag of Doritos! Little steps need to be taken in order to get where you want to be and where you want and need to stay. Part of your new maintenance plan should include daily practices of gratitude and a genuine commitment to feel good in your own body. Creating self-acceptance opens the door for a continuous state of contentment despite uncontrollable circumstances. Our inner peace is obtained and nurtured because we attract things we want, and we know we deserve th­­em. 

Are your false resolutions about healthy choices out of love for yourself, or because you are unhappy with yourself? Stop the self-sabotage talk that dishonors you. Self-belief resonates a message received by all those around you, and your world as you know it will shift. When we accept ourselves, we honor ourselves. The journey to self-acceptance just needs a little nudge without much effort. Here are some real baby steps towards your 2021 goals.  

  1. Be patient – Cultivating our self-love takes time. Resolve to be patient with your fitness journey. Our self-patience helps us accept our bad days and can fuel compassion when we mess up or fall short of our healthy goals.
  2. Stop self-comparison to others – I have seen others’ successes as intimidating and let them belittle my own self-worth. I am learning to look at others’ successes to learn, grow and validate my visions. Putting in the effort and practicing patience can eliminate self-loathing.
  3. Make exercise easy with a coach or training buddy – Goals are achieved, motivation is high, and commitments are kept. When you meet up for a walk or a workout either in person or online, dual support is there to realistically succeed in reaching your goal(s).
  4. Meditate – Google has a plethora of self-acceptance meditations out there for you to try. If you are not savvy with meditation, find a beginner one that is at least 5 to 10 minutes. A guided meditation will help you increase your self-acceptance. Successful mindfulness practice includes learning to honor the present as it is.
  5. Take responsibility – Most likely, we have all had some baggage from our past that we couldn’t control. We can control our reactions to this baggage. We must personally confront and accept the good with the bad so life can move on when the time is right. Stop reliving your resolutions with a New Year twist and move towards a self-pardon for your transgressions.
  6. Let’s make a plan, be proactive – Make a list of the top 3 things in order of importance and get to work. Start your exercise plan with a daily walk for 10 minutes, 15 minutes, and go from there. Keep your fitness and food goals simple and doable. Start one meal a day on a healthy note, start looking at labels, and don’t put any processed foods on your list or in your cart!
  7. Give yourself a High Five – Keep the momentum going by logging daily/weekly walks or workouts and maintaining a monthly food budget. Acknowledge your small wins to fuel your long-term motivation.
  8. Do not accept defeat – Don’t let failure break you. Focus on what you can do right the next time (no blaming or excuses if you skipped your workout or snuck that glazed donut). Get up and get back on the fitness and food horse without complaining or guilty resistance.

No resolutions, no shame. Practice your self-acceptance to embrace your healthy challenges and new goals. You will get that gym membership, or go to a class, or find your soon to be favorite YouTube workout, or make a date with a workout buddy. You will start to dabble in that plant-based diet plan and improve your relationships without even trying. You honor those loved ones, your home, and yourself in all that you do. You are worth it … you deserve to be healthy and happy in 2021!

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