Crystal Grenier


My name is Crystal Grenier

A sentence that encompasses what I do:

Pausing in awareness creates actionable choices to cultivate emotional healing transformation.

Learning Through My Experience

I have learned to be attentive to my body. mind, and soul. I invite ways to nourish my emotions with healthy connections around food, movement, emotional processing, social relationships, and spiritual guidance. I check in daily with how I am feeling to invite emotional movement in whatever capacity that is for me; exercise, journaling, meditation, breathing exercises, etc. I oversee my emotions and determine how they play out for me through ownership, labeling, challenging, and changing them.

How I can help you

I want to use my personal experience as a segue into the reality of obtaining a chronic illness, how to live with it, and stay in a place of healthy survival. I want to take YOU wherever you are in a chronic illness experience on an emotional journey around (nourishing, moving, and alchemizing). I want to help you embrace an awareness with defined healthy choices so you can live a life of balance and vitality.

My consulting is for YOU if you seek:

My consulting is not for YOU if you desire:

Why I do what I do

After going through my cancer experience, I am passionate about holistically supporting other women to thrive despite a chronic illness. I discovered balanced healing around nourishment, movement, and emotional alchemy, and believe implementing these healthy pillars will help take away the emotional burden and guilt of illness to inspire and promote stability, resilience, and daily optimism.