Crystal Grenier

BE Honest with Yourself

I resolve to uncover and discover my self-acceptance in 2022. BE honest with yourself and your intentions. Are you still making those resolutions on December 31st to only throw them out the window three months into the New Year? For years, as a fitness instructor and personal trainer, I have seen SO many people purchase […]

You are the home you seek

As the year comes to a close, (thank the good Lord), I wanted to end on a feel-good note and really hone in on the Christmas spirit of finding what brings us joy. We have certainly endured so much sadness and negativity, along with having to alter our holiday gatherings that the search for contentedness […]

“Our grieving is as individual as our lives”

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Death of a loved one is certainly never easy, and grief can overwhelm us at any time with waves of unpredictability. Grief does not follow an itinerary or a play book; it is a roller coaster of emotions and feelings of emptiness and sorrow that we should honor and respect. We need to […]

No hugs or handshakes

Five months ago, we were pushed to the confinement of our homes, away from our jobs and schools, and sternly told to stay put from our distant families and friends. The virus and pandemic basically halted our world as we know it and has seriously put a damper on our social life! Being cooped up with […]

Oh, my heart 💔

In June, before our visit to Idaho, my mom had shared her reoccurring chest pain radiating on her right side, down her arm and into her back. Frequent bouts of this pain had been plaguing her for over 2 weeks, lasting for 20 minutes or so, coming and going, causing her to lose sleep, and […]

What has challenged me and how do I use it?

Super Yoga Girl I have always had a passion to try a new sport or activity; cook a different recipe for dinner; and seek continued knowledge through educational outlets. The fruition of my actions includes physical and mental endorphins that kick in to learn a new exercise format to share with myself and others; earning […]

“I need to do yoga.”

“I should be doing yoga.”“I am not flexible enough.”“I am too nervous to try it.”These statements flow from many mouths of golden girls and guys who want to start a yoga practice but truly don’t know where or how to start. As we climb the aging mountain and begin to peak at the highest age […]

The wheels in our body go round and round …

We all hold seven energy centers in our bodies called “chakras” which run the length of the spine starting from the base of our tailbone to the crown of our head. You can’t see these energy centers, but you can feel them. Scientifically, our bodies hold many vibrations, our cells are moving, everything inside of […]

Wake UP and smell the coffee

OK, now that you have poured your cup of Joe or whatever your favorite morning beverage is, please take this moment to read and understand where I am coming from on sharing the importance of exercise, in particular, yoga after you have been diagnosed with cancer, have gone through surgery (if you have), and during […]