Crystal Grenier

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My Therapy Consult/Coaching Program

My wellness mission is to co-create awareness, and clarify choices, around the intricacies of emotional health and chronic illness, and how they holistically intertwine with one another to support healing through well-being nourishment, daily movement, and emotional alchemy.

Chronic illness challenges create emotional disconnect and lonely despair. A diagnosis takes the mind to a place of fear, frustration, and hopelessness, and physically, there is a feeling of defeat and ongoing fatigue. When we share similar illness experiences, bonding relationships are cultivated to support and grow our well-being wellness. 

Stop ignoring the signs of neglect and suffering. It is now time to move forward to reclaim your health, and live your most abundant life possible.

I invite you to step forward and commit to try my 6 – week Therapy Consult/Coaching Program to embrace individual changes in decreasing pain, inflammation, and fatigue while increasing energy, mobility, and vitality.

Whether we are struggling with an illness or not, our innate responsibility for others can rob us from prioritizing our own needs, and our health and energy levels suffer. There is a sense of overwhelm, loss, entrapment, and perhaps resentment. Self-care is necessary in maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself in order to radiate healing vibes to others.

What is Wellness Therapy?

We all work better when we work together

  • Body

    nourishing nutrition and healthy physical movement delivers healing awareness and places specific actions where and when they need to be.

  • Environment

    occupying pleasant, stimulating environments that support well-being promotes interaction with nature and also creates an enjoyable personal environment.

  • Mind

    nurturing our presence through mindful activities brings clarity, and breaths in optimism.

  • Emotion

    cultivating a healthy emotional balance helps stay cognizant of stressors with a deeper understanding of choices/steps needed to move through them.

  • Spiritual

    birthing self-understanding, unconditional love, and joy, positively touches all that surrounds you, and opens your heart to give more love to others.

  • Social

    finding the stability between being alone and in relevant meaningful relationships brings a proportional place of happy and healthy.

6-Week Program Includes: